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Thursday, June 15, 2006

6/15/2006 - Supreme Court of Ohio Case Announcements


2005-0150. Lewis v. J. E. Wiggins & Co.
Franklin App. No. 04AP-469, 04AP-544, and 04AP-668, 2004-Ohio-6724. This
cause came on for further consideration of appellant's motion for leave to file a
motion to vacate judgment for attorney fees and the motion to vacate judgment for
attorney fees. Upon consideration thereof,
IT IS ORDERED by the court that that the motions are denied.


2000-0760. Disciplinary Counsel v. Braun.
On application for reinstatement of Gary L. Braun, Attorney Registration No.
0021431. Application granted and respondent reinstated to the practice of law in


2006-0109. State ex rel. Glasgow v. Columbus Pub. Schools.
In Mandamus. This cause originated in this court on the filing of a complaint for a
writ of mandamus. Upon consideration of relator's application for dismissal,
IT IS ORDERED by the court that the application for dismissal is granted.
Accordingly, this cause is dismissed.

2006-0311. State ex rel. Bailey v. Indus. Comm.
Franklin App. No. 05AP-316. This cause is pending before the court as an appeal
from the Court of Appeals for Franklin County. Upon consideration of appellant's
application for dismissal,
IT IS ORDERED by the court that the application for dismissal is granted.
Accordingly, this cause is dismissed.

2006-0589. State v. Trouten.
Jefferson App. No. 04JE18, 2005-Ohio-6592. This cause is pending before the
court as a discretionary appeal and claimed appeal of right. It appears from the
records of the court that the appellant has not filed a memorandum in support of
jurisdiction, due June 9, 2006 in compliance with the Rules of Practice of the
Supreme Court and therefore has failed to prosecute this cause with the requisite
diligence. Upon consideration thereof,
IT IS ORDERED by the court that this cause is dismissed sua sponte.


The following case has been referred to mediation pursuant to S.Ct.Prac.R.
2006-0910. State ex rel. PFC Lamont Hill Memorial v. Petro.
In Mandamus.



  • At 10:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    PLEASE LET ME HEAR FROM YOU!!!! DO I HAVE THE RIGHT TO HAVE A DNA TEST, PERFORMED BEFORE I AM FORCED TO PAY SUPPORT, this is all that I have ever ask for from the STATE OF OHIO, but have yet to be granted one. If you owe support then you are wrong and the courts are right, bottom line it sucks. This is suppose to be a free country , but we have seat belt laws, no smoking laws, child supporrt laws and many others, that or so communist controlled. I am being ask to PAY support for a child that isn't mine, but yet get no help in proving my case. They put the arrearage of support on your credit and expect you to find a good job or a nice place to live with such negitive things as child support arrearages on your credit.Then they suspend your drive licences.Like this is smart, now I can't work. I live in the country and the nearest town is 10 miles away, so they make me do things like drive a car when my license is suppended.OK! They made me a criminal, a criminal I shall be, hell,3 meals a day, a work out room, and no rent to pay. Wow, sounds like an AMERICAN justice system to me.

    "We are reluctant to admit that we owe our liberties to men of a type that today we hate and fear—unruly men, disturbers of the peace, men who resent and denounce what Whitman called 'the insolence of elected persons'—in a word, free men." — Gerald W. Johnson, American Freedom and the Press, 1958.

  • At 2:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I don't know where you are from, but if you know the child is not yours you have to contact the support agency you are being hounded from and ask for an administrative hearing. Then you have to go to the Department of Job and Family Services and do the same. ASK for a DNA test to prove this child is not yours. Ususally the JFS will pay for the test, if not you can do this on your own. It is better and easier if you have access to the child to get the DNA done. If not the child/resident parent will be made to take the child in to get the test done. HE/She will be ordered by the courts to do this. If you have to do this on your own to prove you are not the parent and you spend out of pocket, you can sue for back money and the price of the test and harassment. Hope this helps.

  • At 11:07 AM, Blogger lolita7517 said…

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • At 11:09 AM, Blogger lolita7517 said…

    we live in ohio and my husband has been paying child support for 5 years for a child that is not his. we have hired many attorneys and none of them helped. according to a portage county judge the law is that he signed the birth certificate so now he has to pay. It was said that its his fault that he didnt ask for a dna test.So i guess because the mother lied and was dishonest not to mention other things he will be punished because he never thought she was cheating. Can anyone help? We are expecting our first child and now our baby has to lose out because we are paying for a child that isnt his!!!

  • At 2:16 AM, Blogger Michael said…

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