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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Ding Dong the TEL is Dead

The Ohio General Assembly pulled off a maneuver, which what in baseball terms would be called a "double switch," yesterday. The TEL constitutional amendment that was to be on the November ballot was starting to prove to be a bit troublesome for Republican gubernatorial nominee Ken Blackwell. Yesterday, the Republican-controlled House passed a statutory version of the tax expenditure limitation as an amendment to the $763 million, two-year tobacco settlement budget (SB 321). The Republican-controlled Senate then acted upon separate legislation that would allow an initiated petition committee to withdraw a ballot issue that has been certified for a vote
(HB 312).
Then both chambers signed off on the amendments to each bill, sending them to Governor Bob Taft for his signature. The TEL amendment's demise means that a 3.5% growth limit on state expenditures will be written into the Ohio Revised Code.



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