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Friday, April 28, 2006

4/28/2006 - Supreme Court of Ohio Case Announcements and Orders


2005-0750. Columbus Bar Assn. v. Ross.
This matter came on for further consideration upon the filing
of a motion by respondent for extension of time to pay costs.
Upon consideration thereof,
IT IS ORDERED by this court that the motion is denied.

2006-0432. Disciplinary Counsel v. Wicks.
On Certified Order of the Supreme Court of Arizona,
No. SB-05-0140D. Michael J. Wicks, Attorney Registration
No. 0022489, is publicly reprimanded and placed on probation
for one year.

There are also about 13 pages of orders concerning suspensions from the practice of law due to failure to timely register for the current biennium.


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