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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Ohio General Assembly Latest Bill Introductions

SB 277 ALLEN STATUE (Jacobson) To create the National Statuary Collection Study Committee to recommend an individual to replace Governor William Allen as one of Ohio's representatives in the National Statuary Collection in the United States Capitol Full Text

SB 278 CONSUMER SALES PRACTICES (Stivers) To limit the liability under the Consumer Sales Practices Act of a supplier that makes a cure offer. Am. & En. 1345.09 & 1345.091 Full Text

SB 279 INSURANCE PAYMENTS (Stivers) To exempt the Ohio Insurance Guaranty Association from being obligated to pay more than a single $300,000 claim for injury or death to any one person and a claim of an insured whose net worth exceeds $50 million. Am. 3955.01 & 3955.12 Full Text

SB 280 MILITARY LICENSE PLATES (Schuring) To authorize the display of combat battle stars on certain special combat or military license plates. En. 4503.433 Full Text

SB 281 LAW ENFORCEMENT TRAINING (Stivers) To mandate up to 24 hours a year of continuing professional training for peace officers and state highway patrol troopers and to establish the method by which the Attorney General reimburses the training costs. Am, En. & Rep. 109.761, 109.802 & 109.803 Full Text

HB 524 PHARMACIST IMMUNIZATIONS (Martin) To modify the authority of pharmacists to administer immunizations. Am. 4729.01 & 4729.41 Full Text

HB 525 MEDICAL COMMUNICATOR BOARD (McGregor, J.) To create the State Medical Communicator Board to license assistance operators of medical alert services. En. 4765.80 to 4765.89 Full Text



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