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Friday, March 17, 2006

Latest Bill Introductions from the Ohio General Assembly

SB 294 SALES TAX COLLECTIONS (Amstutz) To delay the date when vendors must convert from origin-based situsing to destination-based situsing for the purposes of determining the appropriate sales tax jurisdiction in which a sale is taxable and to eliminate the plan for delayed transition to destination-based sourcing for vendors with limited Ohio sales. Am. 5739.03, 5739.031, 5739.033, 5739.034, 5739.035, 5739.123 & 5741.02, Full Text

SB 295 ANIMAL FACILITIES (Carey) To expand the notification requirements pertaining to concentrated animal feeding facilities by requiring applicable county and township officials to be notified regarding proposals for the establishment or certain expansions of any concentrated animal feeding facilities rather than only proposals involving major concentrated animal feeding facilities. Am. 307.204 & 505.266 Full Text

SB 296 VOLUNTEER COACHES (Fedor) To require the Ohio Parks and Recreation Associatoin to develop a coach's conduct and ethics policy for volunteer coaches involved in recreational youth athletics; to make those coaches subject to a criminal records check and prohibit their use if they have been convicted of or pleaded guilty to specified offenses and to exempt recreational youth athletics organizations and entities from the criminal recors check fee requirement. Am. & En. 109.57, 109.572, 109.575, 109.576, 109.577, 121.402 & 1541.80 Full Text

HB 535 VIETNAM (McGregor, J.) To designate April 29 of each year "Heritage and Freedom Flag of the Former Republic of Vietnam Day." En. 5.2234 Full Text

HB 536 INSURANCE ASSOCIATION (Faber) To exempt the Ohio Insurance Guaranty Association from being obligated to pay more than a single three hundred thousand dollar claim for injury or death to any one person and a claim of an insured whose net worth exceeds $50 million Am. 3955.01 & 3955.12 Full Text

HB 537 SEX OFFENSES (Smith, G.) To require that a person convicted of rape when the victim is less than 13 or when the person purposely compels the victim to submit by force or threat of force be sentenced to an indefinite prison term of 25 years to life, to require that a person convicted of gross sexual imposition when the victim is less than 13 be sentenced to an indefinite prison term of 15 or 25 years to life, to require that a person so sentenced serve that term under the Sexually Violent Predator Law as if a sexually violent predator and automatically is classified a sexual predator for the SORN Law, and to permit the court to subject a person so sentenced to supervision with an active global positioning system device if released from a state correctional institution. Am. 109.42, 2743.191, 2907.02, 2907.05, 2921.34, 2929.01, 2929.13, 2929.14, 2929.19, 2930.16, 2941.148, 2950.01, 2950.09, 2950.11, 2967.12, 2967.121, 2971.03, 2971.04, 2971.05, 2971.06, 2971.07, 5120.49, 5120.61, 5120.66 & 5149.10 Full Text


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