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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Latest Ohio General Assembly Bill Introductions

SB 273 MILITARY RETIREMENT PAY (Cates) To exempt military retirement pay from the personal income tax. Am. 5747.01 Full Text

HB 519 MINORITY BUSINESSES (Barrett) To treat equally minority business enterprises owned and controlled by Ohio citizens and minority business enterprises owned and controlled by citizens of another state if the other state requires the same treatment. Am. 122.71 & 153.59 Full Text

HB 520 SCHOOL CONSTRUCTION (Schaffer) To prohibit ranking a school district participating in the School Building Assistance Expedited Local Partnership Program in a higher percentile on the eligibility list for state classroom facilities assistance after the district's electors have approved a bond issue for the district's portion of the basic project cost and to grant priority for such assistance to certain school districts participating in the Expedited Program that have a higher percentile ranking than three years ago. Am. 3318.01, 3318.011, 3318.023 & 3318.36 Full Text



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