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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

2/8/2006 - Ohio General Assembly's Latest Bill Introductions (Health Savings Accounts; New Testimonial Privilege)

SB 271 PREHISTORIC MONUMENT (Hottinger) To designate the Newark Earthworks as the official prehistoric monument of the state. En. 5.073 Full Text

HB 502 MEDICAL RECORDS (Ujvagi) To allow an authorized person to obtain one copy of a patient's medical record without charge. Am. 3701.741. Full Text

HB 503 MILITARY CHILD CUSTODY (Ujvagi) To prohibit a juvenile court from making custody determinations or modifications in a case in which one of the parents is called to active military service with any reserve component of the United States armed forces or Ohio militia. Am. 3109.04 & 3109.041. Full Text

HB 504 FUNERAL LEAVE (Ujvagi) To grant paid leave to certain state employees so that they may participate in a funeral honors detail at the funeral of a veteran. En. 124.1311. Full Text

HB 505 ENVIRONMENTAL LAWS (Reinhard) To require that state environmental laws be construed to be no more stringent than the laws' federal counterparts En. 3745.50. Full Text

HB 506 HEALTH SAVINGS ACCOUNTS (Blessing) To make health savings accounts available to public employees and provide tax benefits to public employees who use health savings accounts, and to increase the deductible permitted under the state income tax for unreimbursed medical care. Am. & En. 148.11, 148.12, 148.13 & 5747.01. Full Text

HB 507 TESTIMONIAL PRIVILEGE (Patton. T.) To create a testimonial privilege for communications between a representative of an employee organization and a bargaining unit member. Am. 2317.02. Full Text

HB 508 FIREARM CONFISCATION (Hood) To prohibit the confiscation of lawfully owned and carried firearms during a state of emergency. Am. & En. 5502.371 & 5502.99. Full Text



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