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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Latest Bill Introductions from the Ohio General Assembly

SB 259 WINE SALES (Niehaus) To revise the statutes governing the termination of manufacturers' franchise agreements with wine distributors, to eliminate the Liquor Control Commission's authority to set minimum mark-ups on wholesale wine sales and to fix minimum prices on wholesale wine sales, to prohibit volume and quantity discounting for the purpose of assisting the wholesale or retail sale of beer or intoxicating liquor, to allow wine distributors and wine retailers a maximum of thirty days of credit when purchasing wine and to create a Wholesale Wine Distribution Study Committee Am. 1333.84, 1333.85, 4301.13 & 4301.24

HB 479 MILITARY PARENTAL RIGHTS (Calvert) To allow a parent who is called to active military duty to file a motion with the court to temporarily modify a prior decree allocating parental rights and responsibilities. En. 3109.111.

HB 480 CHILDREN'S HEALTH COMMITTEE (Chandler) To establish the Children's Environmental Health and Safety Advisory Committee.

HB 481 INMATE DNA TESTING (Chandler) To eliminate the former two-year window for applications for post-conviction DNA testing and instead allow an eligible inmate to request post-conviction DNA testing at any time if specified criteria are met. Am. 2953.72, 2953.73 & 2953.82.

HB 482 GYM DEFIBRILLATORS (Kilbane) To require a physical fitness facility to place within the facility an automated external defibrillator, to require the facility to have at least one employee trained in use of a defibrillator present at the facility during operating hours, and to grant civil immunity to any person who performs automated external defibrillation in good faith. En. 3701.86.

HB 483 STATE FRUIT (Schlichter) To adopt the tomato as the state fruit. En. 5.081.

HB 484 FUNERAL PROTESTS (Boccieri) To prohibit protest activities within 300 feet of the site of a funeral service during and within one hour before and after the service and to prohibit protest activities within 300 feet of a funeral procession. Am. 3767.30.

HB 485 HOMELESS MEMORIAL DAY (Skindell) To designate the twenty-first of December as "Homeless Persons' Memorial Day." En. 5.2232.

HCR 36 Congressional Apportionment (DeWine) To memorialize the United States Congress to encourage the members of the 109th Congress to support House Joint Resolution 53, which proposes to amend the Constitution of the United States by apportioning the members of the Congress based on the number of persons in each state who are citizens of the United States.



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