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Friday, January 06, 2006

Latest Bill Introductions from the Ohio General Assembly

SB 247 STATE ENERGY POLICY (Schuring) To specify the state energy policy and make associated changes to the authority of various state agencies including the Department of Development, Air Quality Development Authority, Public Utilities Commission, and Power siting Board. Am. Secs. 122.04, 122.10, 3706.01, 4906.01, 4906.02, 4906.04, 4906.05, 4906.06, 4906.07, 4906.08, 4906.10, 4906.13, 4906.14, 4906.97, 4906.98 and 4906.99 and En. Secs. 156.15, 4905.76 and 4906.011

HB 465 NATIONAL GUARD MEDAL (Seitz) To create the Commemorative Ohio National Guard Service Medal to recognize service in the Ohio National Guard. En. 5919.19

HB 464 UNIVERSITY TRUSTEES (Redfern) To prohibit an individual from being appointed to any public college or university board of trustees if the individual has made an contribution to the holder of or to a candidate for a statewide office, to a member of or to a candidate for the office of member of the General Assembly, or to a state or county political party during the previous twelve months and to prohibit a member of a board of trustees of a public college or university from making contributions to those recipients while a member of that board and for twelve months thereafter. Am. 3335.02, 3337.01, 3339.01, 3341.02, 3343.02, 3344.01, 3352.01, 3354.05, 3355.04, 3356.01, 3357.05, 3358.03, 3359.01, 3360.01, 3361.01, 3362.01, 3517.13, 3517.151 & 3517.992



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