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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

1/11/2006 - Latest Ohio General Assembly Bill Introductions

SB 248 DENTAL ASSISTANTS (Armbruster) To allow dental assistants to remove orthodontic adhesives, bands and brackets from teeth. Am. 4715.39

SCR 22 STALKING AWARNESS (Clancy) Recognizing Stalking Awareness Month, January 2006. Full Text

HB 466 ELEVATOR MECHANICS (McGregor, J.) To require the superintendent of industrial compliance to regulate elevator mechanics and elevator contractors, to create the Elevator Safety Advisory Committee, and to make changes to the laws governing elevator servicing and inspections. Am. & En. 3781.19, 4105.01, 4105.011, 4105.012, 4105.02, 4105.05, 4105.10, 4105.12, 4105.13, 4105.15, 4105.16, 4105.17, 4105.022, 4105.023, 4105.99, and 4121.13.

HB 467 BUILDING ENERGY STANDARDS (Hughes) To require state agencies, state institutions of higher education, school districts, and community schools to comply with certain energy and environmentally efficient building standards, and to require the Director of Development to adopt those standards by rule. En. 153.03, 1551.17, 3313.377, & 3314.042.



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