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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Ohio General Assembly Latest Bill Introductions

SB 239 HARASSMENT POLICY (Dann) To require school districts and community schools to implement anti-harassment policies; to require the State Board of Education to develop a model anti-harassment policy; to require the Auditor of State to determine whether anti-harassment policies are in place when conducting audits of schools and to require the State Board of Education to collect and maintain data on harassment in schools through the Education Management Information System. Am. & En. 3301.0714, 117.53, 3301.41, 3313.21 & 3314.19 Full Text

HB 451 MAYOR'S COURTS (Domenick) To eliminate the jurisdiction of a mayor to hear cases in which the person charged has been convicted of or pleaded guilty two or more times to driving under OVI suspension and to increase the penalty for a third or subsequent conviction for driving under OVI suspension. Am. 1905.01, 2929.13, 2929.14 & 4510.14 Full Text

HB 452 DAY CARE INSURANCE (Mason) To require type A and type B family day-care homes to procure and maintain liability insurance or a bond, or a signed affidavit by a parent of each child receiving child care from the day-care home acknowledging that the family day-care home does not carry such liability insurance or bond. En. 5104.041 Full Text

HB 453 HYBRID VEHICLE PURCHASES (Mason) To create a tax credit for individuals who purchase a new hybrid vehicle. Am. & En. 5747.98 & 5747.64 Full Text



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