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Thursday, December 08, 2005

12/8/2005 - Supreme Court of Ohio Case Announcements


2002-2130. State v. McKnight.
Vinton C.P. No. 01-CR-7230. This cause came on for further consideration
of appellant's motion for stay of execution pending disposition of available
state remedies. Upon consideration thereof,
IT IS ORDERED by the court that the motion for stay is granted.
IT IS FURTHER ORDERED by the court that this stay shall remain in
effect until exhaustion of all state post-conviction proceedings, including
any appeals.
IT IS FURTHER ORDERED by the court that counsel for appellant
and for the appellee shall notify this court when all proceedings for
post-conviction relief before the courts of this state have been exhausted.

2005-0293. Glidden Co. v. Lumbermens Mut. Cas. Co.
Cuyahoga App. No. 81782, 2004-Ohio-6922. This cause is pending
before the court as an appeal from the Court of Appeals for Cuyahoga
County. Upon consideration of the motions for admission pro hac
vice of William J. Bowman by Kevin M. Young and James F. Martin
by David J. Fagnilli,
IT IS ORDERED by the court that the motions are granted.



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