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Thursday, December 01, 2005

12/01/2005 - Supreme Court of Ohio Case Announcments and Administrative Actions


2005-0150. Lewis v. J. E. Wiggins & Co.
Franklin App. No. 04AP-469, 04AP-544, and 04AP-668, 2004-Ohio-6724.
This cause came on for further consideration of appellant's motion for leave
to file a motion for judicial notice, and motion for leave to file a motion to
vacate this court's May 25, 2005 order. Upon consideration thereof,
IT IS ORDERED by the court that the motion for leave is denied.

2005-1678. State v. Hale.
Cuyahoga C.P. No. CR-04-54857. This cause is pending before the
court as a death penalty appeal from the Court of Common Pleas of
Cuyahoga County. Upon consideration of the appellant's motion for
stay of execution scheduled for June 21, 2006,
IT IS ORDERED by the court that the motion is granted pending final
disposition of this appeal.


The following cases have been referred to mediation pursuant to
S.Ct.Prac.R. XIV(6):

2005-1992. State ex rel. Cafaro Mgt. Co. v. Mabe.
In Mandamus.

2005-2153. State ex rel. Monroe v. Indus. Comm.
Franklin App. No. 04AP-1198, 2005-Ohio-5157.

2005-2196. Raintree Golf, LLC v. Summit Cty. Bd. of Revision.
Board of Tax Appeals, No. 2003-B-2040.

2005-2199. Raintree Golf, LLC v. Summit Cty. Bd. of Revision.
Board of Tax Appeals, No. 2003-B-2039.

2005-2208. 12610 Kirby Ave. LLC v. Cuyahoga Cty. Bd. of Revision.
Board of Tax Appeals, No. 2004-V-257.


1. Judge Lee Sinclair was reappointed to the Board of Trustees of the Ohio
Judicial College.
2. Judge John Howard Burlew III, Mary Beth Beazley, Andrew R. Young, Dean
Athornia Steele, and Kimberly C. Shumate were reappointed to the
Commission on Legal Education Opportunity.
3. Walter Reynolds and Nancy D. Moore were reappointed to the Board of
Commissioners on Grievances and Discipline.
4. Adolfo A. Tornichio was appointed to the Board of Commissioners on
Character and Fitness.
5. Judge James Brogan and Nancy Schuster were approved for the Commission
on the Rules of Practice and Procedure in Ohio Courts.
6. J. Craig Wright was appointed to the Ohio Public Defender Commission.
7. Amendments to the Rules for the Government of the Bar (Rule XVII:
Commission on Legal Education Opportunity) were adopted, effective
January 1, 2006.
8. Proposed temporary provision of Gov.Bar R. X and the Lawyer to Lawyer
Mentoring Program will be published for public comment.



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