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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Supreme Court of Ohio Launches New Ohio Judicial Center Website

As part of the ongoing effort to make the judicial system more accessible to Ohioans, the Supreme Court of Ohio today launched a new Web site about the Ohio Judicial Center.

At www.ohiojudicialcenter.gov, visitors can learn about the art and history of this historic building, view a directory of its occupants and get information about tours and places of interest. There also is a 360-degree virtual tour of the Courtroom and a timeline of the Court’s history.

The Web site introduces the Supreme Court of Ohio Visitor Education Center, which will open next month. The center is designed to provide both adult and student visitors with an understanding and appreciation of the history, role and responsibility of the Ohio court system.

The Supreme Court plans to complete a full redesign of its main Web site (www.supremecourtofohio.gov ) in early 2006.



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