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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Ohio General Assembly's Latest Bill Introductions

SB 228 DRUG REPOSITORY PROGRAM (Schuring) To require terminal and wholesale distributors of dangerous drugs to send to the Drug Repository Program unused or unsold prescription drugs that qualify for the Program. Am. 3715.87, 3715.871, 3715.872 & 3715.83 Full Text

SB 229 SEX OFFENDER PLATES (Coughlin) To create a sex offender license plate and to establish the conditions for its use. Am. & En. 2950.99, 2950.15 & 4503.237 Full Text

SB 230 LIVESTOCK FARM SITING (Roberts) To revise the law governing concentrated animal feeding facilities; to require the placement of the historic village of Longtown on the State Registry of Historic Landmarks, and to prohibit development on land within an historic site that is on the State Registry and that was formed by freedman or escaped slaves Am., En, & Rep. 903.02, 903.04, 903.05, 903.10, 149.551, 149.552, 903.021, 903.101, 903.102 & 903.20 Full Text

SB 231 MEDICAL MALPRACTICE RATES (Schuring) To generally impose a moratorium for one year on increases in medical malpractice insurance premiums and to declare an emergency. Full Text

SB 232 PUBLIC MEETINGS (Schuring) To specifically provide that a public body cannot engage in actions that have the effect of circumventing the requirements of Ohio's open meetings laws, such as conducting prearranged discussions of public business via electronic mail create or received by or coming under the jurisdiction of any public office may qualify as a public record. Am. 101.15, 121.22 & 149.011 Full Text

HB 428 PUBLIC DANCES (Strahorn) To permit townships to issue permits for public dances. Am. & En. 503.99 & 503.70 to 503.77 Full Text

HB 429 REZONING NOTICES (DeWine) To require a county, township, or statutory municipal corporation zoning authority to give notice to the commander of a military base, camp, installation, or airfield that is at least 30 acres in size when considering proposed rezoning or redistricting of property that is within 3,000 feet of that base, camp, installation, or airfield. Am 303.12, 519.12, 713.12 & 4504.18 Full Text



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