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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Ohio General Assembly Latest Bill Introductions

SB 233 NATURAL GAS TAXES (Hagan, R.) To expand the sales tax exemption for sales of natural gas, and to extend the exemption to sales of propane. Am. 5739.02 Full Text

HB 433 URBAN TOWNSHIPS (Carano) To provide urban townships with broader authority to regulate traffic, pedestrians, and obstructions during a declared emergency, to subject parked or stopped vehicles in urban townships to the same lighting provisions as specified for vehicles in municipal corporations, to allow urban townships to adopt a reasonable fee without a specified limit for transient vendor registrations, and to allow urban townships to charge for subsequent false fire alarms occurring any time after a notice of a previous false alarm is sent. Am. 505.391, 505.82, 505.94 & 4513.10 Full Text

HB 434 HUMAN CLONING (Yuko) To prohibit human cloning. Am. & En. 3701.99, 3701.94, 3701.941, 3701.942 & 3701.943 Full Text

HB 435 ATHLETIC TRAINERS (DeWine) To require school districts to employ licensed athletic trainers under the same type of contract applicable to licensed occupational or physical therapists employed by the districts. En. 3319.0811 Full Text

HB 436 DOMESTIC VIOLENCE (Brown) To include children under the age of eighteen with whom an offender has had or has a dating relationship as victims under the domestic violence laws and to require mandatory transfer for criminal prosecution of a case involving a juvenile offender who is fourteen years of age or older, commits a homicide offense against such a child, and previously committed domestic violence against that child. Am. 2152.02, 2152.10, 2152.12, 2919.25, 2919.251, 2919.26, 3113.31 & 3113.33 Full Text



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