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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Ohio General Assembly New Bill Introductions

SB 197 COMMUNITY SCHOOL PAYMENTS (Roberts) To eliminate the deduction of community school payments from the state funding accounts of a school district except for payments to community schools that are sponsored by the district. Am. 3314.08, 3314.084, 3314.13, 3317.02, 3317.029, 3317.0127, 3317.03 & Sec. 206.09.39 of Am. Sub. HB 66 Full Text

HB 373 VETERAN RESIDENCY (Barrett) To establish a shorter residency qualification for financial assistance from a county veterans service commission for veterans, active-duty Armed Forces members, and certain of their immediate family members relocating to and residing in a county of this state following the recognition by the President of the United States of an emergency situation as a result of a natural disaster, and to declare an emergency. Am. 5901.08 Full Text

HB 374 CHILDREN'S SAFETY PROGRAM (Hughes) To abolish the children's safety program known as the Block Parent Program in the State Board of Education, to establish in its place the McGruff House Program in the Division of Criminal Justice Services of the Department of Public Safety and to create the offense of unauthorized use of a McGruff house symbol. Am. & Rep. 2917.46, 3313.206, 5502.61, 5502.62 & 3301.076 Full Text

HB 375 EMS SUSPENSIONS (Flowers) Concerning the authority of the State Board of Emergency Medical Services to suspend certificates to practice emergency medical services. Am. & En. 4765.05, 4765.11, 4765.16, 4765.101, 4765.102, 4765.111, 4765.112, 4765.113, 4765.114, 4765.115 & 4765.116 Full Text

HB 376 BWC INVESTMENT BOARD (Patton. T.) To create the Workers' Compensation Investment Board and to transfer the Workers' Compensation Oversight Commission's powers and duties regarding the investment program of the Bureau of Workers' Compensation to the Investment Board. Am. & En. 102.02, 102.06, 109.981, 1707.01, 3517.13, 3517.151, 4121.12, 4121.121, 4121.125, 4121.126, 4121.128, 4123.341, 4123.342, 4123.44, 4123.441, 4121.05, 4121.051 and Sec. 3, of Am. HB 67. Full Text



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