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Monday, October 17, 2005

Ohio General Assembly Latest Bill Introductions

SB 198 PROPERTY TAX DEFERRALS (Schuler) To permit elderly and disabled taxpayers with limited incomes to defer payment of real property taxes due on their homesteads. Am. & En. 319.202, 319.302, 323.01, 323.152, 323.153, 323.156, 323.157, 323.159, 323.99, 5713.011, 113.25, 135.90, 323.16, 323.161, 323.162, 323.163, 323.164, 323.165 & 5703.471 Full Text

SB 199 CONSUMER SALES/MORTGAGE BROKERS (Dann) To expand the Consumer Sales Practices Act to include transactions involving dealers in intangibles and their customers and to eliminate the requirement that information related to examinations and investigations of mortgage brokers remain privileged and confidential. Am. 1322.061 & 1345.01 Full Text

SB 200 SCHOOL FUEL TAX (Hagan, R.) To exempt from the motor fuel tax any sales of motor fuel sold to school districts or educational service centers for school district or service center operations. Am. 5735.05, 5735.06 & 5735.142 Full Text

SB 201 STATE PURCHASING (Dann) To revise the law governing contracts for the purchase of goods or services between a state agency or political subdivision and a business entity that makes certain campaign contributions, and to prohibit business entities that have entered into those contracts from making certain campaign contributions. Am. 3517.13, 3517.151 & 3517.992 Full Text

SB 202 CRIMINAL FORFEITURE (Dann) To clarify the criminal forfeiture provisions of the Corrupt Activity Law regarding the time at which forfeitures attach, the forfeiture of substitute property for forfeiture property that is unreachable or removed from a forfeiture order to protect the innocent persons, the availability under a forfeiture order of certain property transferred in an attempt to avoid potential forfeiture and the time at which an order to preserve the reachability of property that might be forfeitable under that law may be requested and attaches, and to declare an emergency. Am. 2923.32, 2923.33 & 2923.36 Full Text

SB 203 CAPITAL BUDGET BILL (Dann) To impose release, disclosure, hearing, and other requirements with respect to the biennial capital budget. Am. 126.03 & 126.04 Full Text

SB 204 FORECLOSURE PROCESS (Spada) To provide an expedited foreclosure procedure for lands that have had delinquent tax charges for a specified number of years and that are not occupied. En. 323.65, 323.66, 323.67, 323.68, 323.69, 323.70, 323.71, 323.72, 323.73, 323.74 & 323.75 Full Text

SB 205 LINKED DEPOSITS (Spada) To authorize boards of county commissioners to establish property tax payment linked deposit programs to assist senior citizens and permanently disabled citizens in paying property taxes on their homesteads. Am. & En. 135.353, 135.804, 135.805, 135.806 & 135.807 Full Text

HB 377 LOEO (Woodard) To reinstate the Legislative Office of Education Oversight and to make an appropriation. Am. Sec. 206.87 of Am. Sub. HB 66 Full Text

HB 378 MILITARY PAY (Ujvagi) To exempt from taxation military pay and allowances. Am. 5747.01 Full Text

HB 379 MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS (Yuko) To designated March as "Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month." En. 5.2232 Full Text

HB 380 ADULT PROTECTIVE SERVICES (Miller) To provide funding to the Department of Job & Family Services for adult protective services and to make an appropriation. Full Text

HB 381 PREDATORY LENDING (McGregor, R.) To fund the enforcement of predatory lending laws. Am. Sec. 203.75 of Am. Sub. HB 66 Full Text



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