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Monday, October 03, 2005

Ohio General Assembly - Latest Bill Introductions

SB 190 JOB TRAINING CREDIT (Carey) To extend the job training tax credit for an additional year and to declare and emergency. Am. 5725.31, 5729.07, 5733.42 & 5747.39 Full Text

SB 191 MINERAL SEVERANCE TAX (Mumper) To revise the distribution of revenues from the severance tax on minerals, to exempt industrial minerals mining operations from the state mine safety laws and instead provide for the adoption of federal mine safety requirements for those operations, to revise the zoning laws concerning industrial minerals mining, and to make other changes governing the mining of industrial minerals. Am. 303.02, 303.14, 519.02, 519.14, 1513.30, 1514.01, 1514.04, 1514.05, 1514.06, 1514.09, 1514.11, 1514.99 & 5749.02 & En. 315.09, 1514.011, 1514.051, 1514.40 to 1514.47, 1514.50, 1561.011, 1563.01, 1565.01, 1567.01 & 1571.011 Full Text

HB 359 EDUCATION TAX CREDIT (Martin) To grant an income tax credit to individuals who earn degrees in certain science and technology-based fields of study. Am. 5747.98; Enact. 3333.51 & 5747.81 Full Text

HB 360 CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTIONS (Healy) To revise the law governing contracts for the purchase of goods or services between a state agency or political subdivision and a business entity that makes certain campaign contributions, and to prohibit business entities that have entered into those contracts from making certain campaign contributions. Am. 3517.13, 3517.151 & 3517.992 Full Text

HB 361 JOB TRAINING CREDIT (Martin) To extend the job training tax credit for an additional year, to require that the Director of Development administer the credit, and to declare an emergency. Am. 5717.02, 5725.31, 5729.07, 5733.42 & 5747.39 Full Text

HB 362 STATE OFFICIALS' CALENDAR (Garrison) To require certain state officers to keep a personal calendar and appointment book containing certain information and to provide that the calendar and appointment book is a public record subject to inspection and copying. Am. 149.42 & En. 3.18 Full Text

HB 363 LAW LIBRARY ASSOCIATION (Wagner) To allow the board of trustees of a law library association to elect to assume responsibility for paying the entire compensation of the librarian and all assistant librarians of the law library despite the otherwise applicable statutory payment requirements for that compensation. Am. 3375.49 Full Text



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