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Friday, September 16, 2005

Supreme Court of Ohio Oral Arguments for 9/20/2005

Tuesday, Sept. 20

State v. Tenace, Case no. 2003-1429
6th District Court of Appeals (Lucas County)

State v. Chandler and State v. Bledsoe, Case nos. 2004-1325 and 2004-1746
5th District Court of Appeals (Stark County)

In Re. C.R., Case no. 2004-2031
8th District Court of Appeals (Cuyahoga County)

Disciplinary Counsel v. Kafele, Case no. 2004-2108
Franklin County

Death Penalty

Troy Tenace of Toledo appeals his conviction and death sentence for the aggravated murder of 76-year-old Edward Kozlowski in 1994 during a robbery of the victim's home.

Drug Trafficking
Does ‘Offer To Sell’ Support Conviction When ‘Drug’ Actually Sold Is Fake?

When a defendant offers to sell a police informant more than 100 grams of crack cocaine, but the substance he actually provides to the buyer turns out to be legal and harmless, is the defendant's “offer to sell” a large quantity of illegal drugs sufficient to support a) his conviction for drug trafficking or b) enhancement of his sentence as a “major drug offender?”

Must Non-Custodial Parent Be Found Unsuitable Before Neglected Child Placed With a Non-Parent?
When a juvenile court has found a child to be neglected by her custodial parent and has awarded temporary custody to non-parents, if a non-custodial parent whose conduct was not implicated in the neglect finding subsequently seeks custody, may the court deny custody to the parent in favor of a non-parent custodian absent an explicit judicial determination that the non-custodial parent is unsuitable?

Unauthorized Practice Of Law
The Board on the Unauthorized Practice of Law has recommended that the Supreme Court order Ajamu M. Kafele of Gahanna , who is not an attorney, to cease engaging in the unauthorized practice of law. The board has also recommended that a civil penalty of $10,000 be assessed against Kafele for continuing to prepare and file court documents on behalf of a third party business entity and another individual after being warned that his actions in providing such services to third party “clients” must stop because they constituted the unlicensed practice of law.



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