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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Ohio General Assembly - New Bill Introductions

SB 186 FREE MEDICAL SERVICES (Miller, R.) To require not-for-profit hospitals to provide certain levels of free medical services to qualified individuals. En. 3727.35 & 3727.47 Full Text

SB 187 GASOLINE PRICES (Grendell) To make charging a price for a grade of gasoline that does not bear a reasonable relationship to the costs of making the particular grade of gasoline available to consumers an unfair or deceptive consumer sales practice and to create the Gasoline Practices Oversight Commission for the period ending Dec. 31, 2006 Am. 1345.02 Full Text

SB 188 DRUG COMPOUNDING (Grendell) To require the Board of Pharmacy to establish a drug compounding licensing program for terminal distributors of dangerous drugs. Am. & En. 4729.01, 4729.552, 4729.553, 4729.554, 4729.555 & 4729.556 Full Text

SB 189 SEED LAW (Grendell) To make changes to the Agricultural Seed Law. Am. 907.01, 907.14 & 907.28 Full Text

HB 350 EPA RULES (Mitchell) To require the Director of Environmental Protection to adopt rules establishing standards and procedures for considering issues related to environmental justice when issuing permits or licenses and taking other actions under state environmental laws. En. 3745.50 Full Text

HB 351 ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE COMMISSION (Mitchell) To create the Environmental Justice Commission. En. 3745.50 Full Text

HB 352 ISLAND SPEED LIMITS (Redfern) To establish a 35-mile per hour speed limit for highways outside municipal corporations within island jurisdictions. Am. 4511.21 & 4511.251 Full Text

HB 353 SCHOOL CALENDAR (Redfern) To prohibit public schools from opening for instruction prior to Labor Day except in specified circumstances. Am. & En. 3314.03 & 3313.621t Full Text

HB 354 INVESTMENT REPORTING (Patton. T.) To require any state agency with the authority to invest state funds to report on those investments using the global investment performance standards. Am. & En. 145.11, 742.11, 3307.15, 3309.15, 3334.11, 4123.44, 5505.06 & 9.75 Full Text

HB 355 STEM CELL RESEARCH (Gilb) To place ethical constraints on human research. Am. & En. 3701.99, 131.51 & 3701.93 Full Text

HB 356 TANF HEATING ASSISTANCE (Stewart, J.) To require the Department of Job and Family Services to establish a TANF program that provides help to eligible households for home energy and weatherization costs during the winter of fiscal year 2006 and to make an appropriation. Am. 206.66 of Am. Sub. H.B. 66 of the 126th General Assembly Full Text

HB 357 BATEMAN HIGHWAY (Uecker) To designate a portion of State Route 131 within Clermont County the "Sam Bateman Memorial Highway." En. 5533.116 Full Text

HB 358 MEDICAID APPLICATIONS (Wagoner) To require Medicaid applicants to supply documentation of citizenship or alien status. Am. & En. 5111.013 & 5111.0116 Full Text



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