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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Latest Bill Introductions

SB 177 PROPERTY TAX ROLLBACK (Grendell) To extend the ten percent real property tax rollback to certain land used for the commercial production of timber. Am. 319.302 Full Text

SB 178 MANUFACTURING TAX CREDITS (Grendell) To clarify that eligibility for the grants and credits for purchases of new manufacturing property includes only the taxpayer that is the owner of the property for federal income tax purposes. Am. 122.172 & 5733.33 Full Text

SB 179 WINE SALES (Fingerhut) To allow a wine manufacturer to deliver wine to a consumer in Ohio from a location within or outside Ohio under a delivery sale if certain requirements are fulfilled. Am. & En. 4301.99 & 4301.601 Full Text



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