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Friday, September 09, 2005

Attention All Ohio Lawyers...

The deadline for the current registration biennium ended last week on September 1st. With new rules in place, attorneys now must pay a $50 late fee along with their $300 registration fee. However, this also means that the lawyers who missed the deadline and have not yet paid their fees are listed as "not registered" on the Supreme Court of Ohio's Attorney Information System. Also, those that do not register by December 1st with the appropriate fees will be suspended from the practice of law and have to then pay an additional reinstatement fee. This paragraph from a letter issued by the Court's Attorney Registration Section lays out the pertinent facts:

"If an attorney remains unregistered as of Dec. 1, the Court will summarily suspend the attorney’s license to practice law. The summary suspension means that the attorney will be unable to engage in the practice of law until such time as he or she applies for reinstatement, submits a certificate of registration and pays the biennial registration fee plus a $200 reinstatement fee. Notice of the suspension will be published by the Court. An attorney who continues to practice law while under suspension may be referred for investigation by the Disciplinary Counsel."



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