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Monday, August 08, 2005

Supreme Court of Ohio to Appoint Receiver to Examine BWC Records Relating to Coingate

Here is the text. The official release can be found here.

2005-0867. State ex rel. Toledo Blade Co. v. Ohio Bur of Workers' Comp.
In Mandamus. On respondents’ response to show-cause contempt order. Upon
IT IS HEREBY ORDERED that relator’s contempt motion be held in
IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that respondents must continue to release
documents to relator on a daily basis under the current expedited review process
established by the Attorney General.
IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that a receiver will be appointed as determined
by the court. The receiver shall have authority to examine and review any and all
documents or portions thereof that are withheld by respondents.
IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that the Attorney General shall provide the
receiver with any and all withheld records, as well as weekly progress reports that
shall include an explanation of why those records are being withheld.
Alice Robie Resnick, Acting C.J.
Thomas F. Bryant, J., of the Third Appellate District, sitting for Moyer, C.J.
Thomas J. Grady, J., of the Second Appellate District, sitting for Lundberg
Stratton, J.
Robert H. Gorman, J., of the First Appellate District, sitting for O'Connor, J.
Diane Karpinski, J., of the Eighth Appellate District, sitting for O'Donnell, J.
Michael J. Corrigan, J., of the Eighth Appellate District, sitting for
Lanzinger, J.



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