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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Ohio General Assembly - New Bill Introductions

SB 165 INSURANCE COMPANY CERTIFICATION (Brady) To require the Superintendent of Insurance to issue certificates of compliance to insurance companies authorized to do business in this state but not incorporated under the laws of the state, to require these insurance companies to publish the certificates of compliance in every county where the companies have agencies, and to require all insurance companies licensed to transact business in this state to notify the Superintendent if the insurance company is disciplined in another state. Am. 3901.78 and En. 3901.41, 3901.781, 3901.782, 3901.783 & 3901.784 Full Text

SB 166 STATE INVESTMENT CONTRACTS (Grendell) To require the Attorney General to review state contracts that will obtain services or invest funds. En. 109.123 Full Text

SB 167 EMINENT DOMAIN MORATORIUM (Grendell) To establish, until December 31, 2006, a moratorium on the use of eminent domain by any entity of the state government or any political subdivision of the state to take, without the owner's consent, private property that is in an unblighted area when the primary purpose for the taking is economic development that will ultimately result in ownership of the property being vested in another private person, to create the Legislative Task Force to Study Eminent Domain and Its Impact on Land Use Planning in the State, and to declare an emergency. Full Text

SB 168 ETHICS LAW VIOLATIONS (Grendell) To prohibit current or former state officials or employees who are convicted of ethics law violations from serving as legislative agents or executive agency lobbyists, and from being appointed as members of state boards, commissions, authorities, and other instrumentalities, for a period of five years, if the violation is a misdemeanor, or forever, if the violation is a felony. En. 102.991 & 2921.47 Full Text

HB 320 SCHOOL EMPLOYEES RETIREMENT FUND (Schneider) With regard to the law governing the School Employees Retirement System. Am. 3305.06, 3309.07, 3309.21, 3309.44, 3309.47, 3309.50, 3309.81 & 3309.88 and En. 3309.69 & 3309.474 and Rep. 3309.375 & 3309.69. Full Text

HB 321 COMMUNITY SCHOOL MORATORIUM (Healy) To place a moratorium on the establishment of new community schools between May 1, 2005, and six months after this act's effective date and to declare an emergency. Full Text

HB 322 SCHOOL INCOME TAXES (Raussen) To authorize school districts to enter into agreements with the Department of Taxation or other entities for the collection and administration of school district income taxes. Am. 5747.021, 5747.03, 5747.112, 5748.03, 5748.06 & 5748.08 and En. 5748.11, 5748.12, 5748.13, 5748.14, 5748.15 & 5748.16. Full Text

HCR 20 STATE RETIREMENT SYSTEMS (Schneider) To memorialize the Congress to reject any legislation that requires Social Security coverage for members of any of Ohio's five state retirement systems. Full Text

HCR 22 INFRASTRUCTURE DEVELOPMENT (Barrett) To memorialize the Congress to protect domestic auto manufacturers and to create a federal infrastructure development program to foster employment growth. Full Text



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