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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

New Bill Introductions

HB 327 FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY/COURT COSTS (Key) To require that fifty percent of all fees paid into the Financial Responsibility Compliance Fund be distributed to the courts to cover costs incurred by the courts in connection with the enforcement of the traffic laws. Am. 4503.20 & 4509.101 Full Text

HB 328 VOTER EDUCATION (Key) To require every high school to include one-half hour of voter education instruction as party of the required American government course instruction Am. 3313.603 Full Text

HB 329 DRIVER LICENSE SUSPENSIONS (DeWine) To make changes in certain driver's license suspension provisions; to limit when a court must impose a mandatory prison term for aggravated vehicular assault; and to modify certain provisions relating to motor vehicle operation, mayor's courts and electronic monitoring devices. Am. 1905.033, 2903.08, 2921.331, 4509.101, 4510.10, 4510.11, 4510.12, 4510.14, 4510.15, 4510.16, 4510.17, 4511.191, 4511.203, 4549.02, 109.66 & 4510.18 Full Text

HB 330 MILITARY/PROBATE FEES (Healy) To exempt estates of members of the United States Armed Services who died while serving in a combat zone from being any fees associated with the filing of the decedent's will for probate or the administration of the decedent's estate or any fees for relieving the estate from administration or granting an order for summary release from administration. Am. & En. 2101.16 & 2101.164 Full Text



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