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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

New Bill Introductions

SB 169 STATE CONTRACTS/APPOINTMENTS (Dann) To require the Attorney General to review and approve state contracts that will involve spending or investing more than one million dollars and to post copies of those contracts on the Attorney General's web site; to prohibit the awarding of contracts to persons serving on state a board or commission; to prohibit a former employee of the Governor's office from being appointed to a state board or commission until three years after the person's appointment has ended; and to require that former state elected officials and certain former state employees who must file disclosure statements for two years after their employment or service ends to file those statements for an additional year. Am. & En. 102.021, 109.95 & 121.80 Full Text

SB 170 EXTORTION/LOBBYING (Dann) To create the criminal offense of extortion under color of official right and to prohibit current and former public officials or employees who are convicted of ethics law violations from serving for a period of five years from their conviction as legislative agents or executive agency lobbyists, and from ever being appointed as members of state boards, commissions, authorities or other instrumentalities. En. 102.991, 2921.06 & 2921.47. Full Text

HJR 10 EMINENT DOMAIN (Koziura) To prohibit the use of eminent domain for economic development purposes when the sole or a primary driving force behind the acquisition of private property is a private individual or business entity that seeks the private property of another for its own economic benefit Am. Sec. 19, Art. I and Sec. 3, Art. XVIII, Ohio Const. Full Text

HB 323 VOTING RECORDS (Garrison) To require that the General Assembly web site contain information about how each member votes on bills and resolutions. En. 101.60 Full Text



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