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Monday, August 01, 2005

New Bill Introductions

SB 162 MORTGAGE BROKERS/LENDERS (Roberts) Relating to civil penalties and advertisement requirements of licensed mortgage lenders; the application and civil penalties of the Mortgage Broker Law and duties and advertisements of mortgage brokers; the application of the Consumer Sales Practices Act relating to unfair and deceptive acts; the application, prohibitions and civil penalties of the Consumer Credit Mortgage Loan Law and specifications about loans regulated under this law; and to enact consumer protection laws relating to mortgages. Am. & En. 1321.56, 1321.60, 1322.02, 1322.08, 1322.09, 1322.11, 1345.01, 1349.25, 1349.27, 1349.29, 1349.32 & 1349.39 Full Text

SB 163 BICYCLE HELMETS (Roberts) To require bicycle operators and passengers under 18 years of age to wear protective helmets when the bicycle is operated on a roadway and to establish the Bicycle Safety Fund to be used by the Department of Public Safety to assist low-income families in the purchase of bicycle helmets. En. 4511.531 Full Text

HJR 9 REDISTRICTING LIMIT (DeWine) Proposing to enact Section 16 of Article XI of the Constitution of the State of Ohio to limit to each year ending in the numeral one the time at which apportionment or redistricting of the state for General Assembly and congressional districts may be conducted, unless the currently applicable apportionment or redistricting plan is determined to be invalid by either the Supreme Court of Ohio or the Supreme Court of the United States. Full Text

HB 318 SEX OFFENDERS (Combs) Requires that, unless the offender is sentenced to death, every convicted offender who is sentenced as a sexually violent predator under the Sexually Violent Predator Sentencing Law be sentenced to a term of life imprisonment without parole. Am. 109.42, 2921.34, 2929.01, 2930.16, 2953.08, 2967.12, 2967.121, 2967.18, 2967.193, 2967.26, 2971.01, 2971.03, 2971.04, 2971.05, 2971.06, 2971.07, 5120.49, 5120.61 & 5149.10 Full Text

HB 319 VOTER RESIDENCY (Trakas) Permits a person with multiple habitations to select one as the person's residence for the purpose of elections. Am. 3503.02 Full Text



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