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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

New Bill Introductions

HB 312 HANDICAPPED PARKING/VOTING (Evans, C.) To ensure handicapped parking at polling places and to require the director of a board of elections to sign a statement verifying the availability of that parking after each election. Am. 3501.29 Full Text

HB 313 PUBLIC FUNDS (Stewart, J.) To reduce pledging requirements by public depositories securing repayment of public moneys; to specify debt and other obligations of certain out-of-state subdivisions as eligible to secure repayment of state or political subdivision public moneys; and to authorize investment of certain state, political subdivision, and county public moneys in certificates of deposit issued by federally insured banks and savings and loan associations, wherever located, provided certain conditions apply. Am. & En. 135.18, 135.181, 135.144 & 135.353. Full Text

HB 314 COLLECTIVE BARGAINING (Brinkman) To remove any requirement under the Public Employees Collective Bargaining Law that public employees join or pay dues to any employee organization; to expand the scope of unfair labor practices under that law; to make other changes in the Public Employees Collective Bargaining Law; to prohibit any requirement that employees of private employers join or pay dues to any employee organization and require public and private employers to post notices to that effect; to prohibit certain actions by private employers relative to employee organization membership and to establish civil and criminal penalties against private employers who violate those prohibitions. Am. & En. 9.81, 4113.02, 4117.03, 4117.05, 4117.09, 4117.11, 4113.02, 4117.031, 4117.081, 4119.01, 4119.02, 4119.03, 4119.05, 4119.06, 4119.07 & 4119.99 Full Text



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