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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Harper's Story Claims Ohio Presidential Election Was Hijacked

A story in the August 2005 issue of Harper's is entitled, "None Dare Call It Stolen." It concerns the 2004 presidential election and the author's concerns that the media simply gave up on the story despite ample evidence available to them that would have proved that the election was not above-board. There is no hypertext link to the story, but the story is probably available on Lexis or Westlaw, other online databases, or at the local public library in hardcopy.

After author Mark Crispin Miller exhausts his supply of evidence, he states, "[t]his democracy can survive a plot to hijack an election. What it cannot survive is our indifference to, or unawareness of, the evidence that such a plot has succeeded."

While I don't personally agree with the author's conclusion, the story is a good read and takes up only six pages.



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