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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

New Bill Introductions

SB 158 FAILURE TO YIELD (Wilson) To provide for increased penalties when a person violates the motor vehicle traffic law assured clear distance ahead provision or commits a failure to yield the right-of-way offense that results in serious physical harm or death to another person. Am. & En. 4510.02, 4510.036, 4511.21, 4511.33, 4511.41, 4511.42, 4511.43, 4511.431, 4511.44, 4511.441, 4511.45, 4511.451, 4511.46, 4511.47, 4513.39 & 4501.14 Full Text

HB 306 WINE SALES (Seitz) To revise the statutes governing the termination of manufacturers' franchise agreements with wine distributors, to eliminate the Liquor Control Commission's authority to set minimum mark-ups on wholesale wine sales and to fix minimum prices on wholesale wine sales, to prohibit volume and quantity discounting for the purpose of assisting the wholesale or retail sale of beer or intoxicating liquor, to allow wine distributors and wine retailers a maximum of thirty days of credit when purchasing wine, and to create the Wholesale Wine Distribution Study Committee. Am. 1333.84, 1333.85, 4301.13, & 4301.24 Full Text

HB 307 DRUG-FREE WORKPLACE POLICY (Hartnett) To prohibit the acceptance of a bid for a state purchasing or public improvement contract over $50,000 unless the submitting contractor has an acceptable drug-free workplace policy in place. En. 125.80 & 153.72 Full Text

HB 308 OIL & GAS WELL PERMITS (Williams) To establish additional public notice and public meeting requirements concerning applications for certain permits for oil or gas wells. Am. 1509.06, 1509.072 & 1509.31 Full Text



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