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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

New Bill Introductions

SB 156 ALTERNATIVE FUELS TAX (Mumper) To establish certain requirements related to the use and taxing of alternative fuels and to establish an idle reduction retrofit revolving loan program. Am. 125.831, 5733.98 & 5747.98 and En. 122.86, 125.834, 125.835, 125.836, 901.14, 5733.47, 5733.48, 5735.40, 5747.76 & 5747.77 Full Text

SB 157 MOBILE PHONE USAGE (Fedor) To prohibit any person from operating a moving vehicle and simultaneously using a mobile telephone that is not capable of being operated in a hands-free manner other than to report an emergency, to prohibit without exception any person with a temporary instruction permit from operating a moving vehicle and simultaneously using a mobile telephone, to create the offense of inattentive driving, and to require the State Highway Patrol to compile monthly data and statistics on motor vehicle accidents in which mobile telephone use was a material factor. Am. 4510.036 and En. 4511.204 & 4511.205 Full Text

HB 302 SCHOOL FACILITIES TAX (Law) To require school districts to lower the rate of a school facilities tax upon determining that project costs will be lower than expected. Am. 3318.17 Full Text

HB 303 STATE CHILDREN'S BOOK (Combs) To adopt the children's book 'Lentil' as the official children's book of the state and to designate its authority, Robert McCloskey, as the official children's book author of the state. En. 5.091 Full Text

HB 304 SERVICE LIENS (Blessing) To modify the circumstances under which a lien may be created an action at law commenced to collect unpaid water, sewage, and other service rates and charges owed local authorities. Am. 343.08, 729.49, 743.04, 6103.02, 6117.02 & 6119.06 Full Text

HR 74 PAIN AWARNESS MONTH (Kearns) To proclaim the month of September 2005 as Pain Awarness Month in Ohio. Full Text

HCR 21 FREE TRADE AGREEMENT (Skindell) To memorialize Congress to reject the Central American Free Trade Agreement-Dominican Republic and work for fair trade agreements. Full Text



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