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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

New Bill Introductions

SB 154 PRESCRIPTIVE AUTHORITY (Wachtmann) Regarding the practice of physician assistants, including the establishment of physician-delegated prescriptive authority, and to modify the authority of advanced practice nurses to furnish supplies of drugs to patients. Full Text

SB 155 MOTION PICTURE TAX CREDIT (Clancy) To create a tax credit for individuals who invest in state-certified motion pictures. Am. 5747.98 & 5747.66 Full Text

HB 296 APPRENTICE HUNTING (Buehrer) To provide for the issuance of apprentice hunting licenses and apprentice fur taker permits and to enable persons who are sixteen or seventeen years of age to obtain youth hunting licenses and youth fur taker permits. Am. & En. 1531.01, 1533.10, 1533.111 &1533.102 Full Text

HB 297 INTERNET PUBLICATION (Wagoner) To permit statutory villages to publish ordinances and resolutions or their summaries on the Internet rather than by other publication methods. Am. 731.25 Full Text

HB 298 AUTISM LICENSE PLATE (Peterson) To establish an autism awareness license plate and to provide that money from the contributions for the license plates be used to pay for programs and awareness efforts of the Autism Society of Ohio. Am. & En. 4501.21 & 4503.493 Full Text

HB 299 DEVELOPMENT IMPACT FEES (Peterson) To authorize counties, townships, and school districts to levy impact fees on new development to finance capital improvements necessitated by that development. Am. & En. 133.06, 133.07, 5755.01 & 5755.12 Full Text



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