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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

New Bill Introductions

HB 290 ELECTION ADMINISTRATION (Fende) To establish the State Board of Elections to administer elections conducted in this state. Am. & En. 3501.04, 3501.05 & 3501.041 Full Text

HB 291 NOWACKI HIGHWAY (Fende) To designate a portion of State Route 44 within Lake County as the "Andy Nowacki Memorial Highway." En. 5533.91 Full Text

HB 292 TOWNSHIP SPEED LIMITS (Schaffer) To establish procedures for a board of township trustees to alter the prima-facie speed limit on any township road. Am. 4511.21 Full Text

HB 293 HOMESTEAD TAXES (Kilbane) To authorize boards of county commissioners to establish property tax payment linked deposit programs to assist senior citizens and permanently and totally disabled citizens in paying property taxes on their homesteads. Am. & En. 135.353, 135.804, 135.805, 135.806 & 135.807 Full Text

HB 294 EXPEDITED FORECLOSURES (Kilbane) To provide an expedited foreclosure procedure for lands that have had delinquent tax charges for a specified number of years that are not occupied. En. 323.65, 323.66, 323.67, 323.68, 323.69, 323.70, 323.71, 323.72, 323.73, 323.74 & 323.75 Full Text

HR 66 TAKE THE STAIRS DAY (Carano) Designates May 15 as "Take the Stairs Day." Full Text

HCR 19 SUDAN (White) To focus on the Darfur genocide, which the U.S. Department of State has concluded is genocide, occurring n the Darfur region of Sudan, to encourage the U.S. to continue its support of humanitarian efforts in and contributions of humanitarian aid to the region; to encourage the U.S. to lead multilateral efforts to bring those responsible for the egregious human rights violations to justice and to encourage Ohio companies and institutions, multinational corporations operating in Ohio and agencies and political subdivisions of the state to divest themselves of interests in any companies that conduct business in Sudan. Full Text



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