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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Ohio Starts Adding To Its DNA Database

A new law took effect last week requiring all convicted felons in prison, on parole or on probation to submit a DNA sample for a statewide database.

Authorities immediately began collecting samples from more than 100,000 Ohio felons when Ohio House Bill 525 took effect May 18. Their DNA will become part of a national crime-fighting database that searches for biological matches between known offenders and evidence from unsolved crimes.

The Ohio DNA samples will be admitted into the FBI's Combined DNA Index System -- commonly referred to as CODIS -- a nationwide DNA database.

The new law also requires some people convicted of serious misdemeanors -- such as sexual contact with a minor -- to submit DNA.

After the initial rush of 100,000 current felons, the database is expected to add about 30,000 new samples a year, according to the Ohio Attorney General's office.

Source: The Advocate



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