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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

New Bill Introductions

HB 273 VETERAN TUITION WAIVERS (Ujvagi) To provide college tuition waivers to spouses and qualifying former spouses of members of the United States armed forces killed in the line of duty in a combat zone after May 7, 1975. Am. 3333.26 Full Text

HB 274 WIRELESS PHONE USE (Barrett) To prohibit any person from operating a moving vehicle and simultaneously using a mobile telephone that is not capable of being operated in a hands-free manner other than to report an emergency, to prohibit without exception any person with a temporary instruction permit from operating a moving vehicle and simultaneously using a mobile telephone, to create the offense of inattentive driving, and to require the State Highway Patrol to compile monthly data and statistics on motor vehicle accidents in which mobile telephone use was a material factor. Am. 4510.036 and En. 4511.204 & 4511.205 Full Text

HB 275 BULLION TAX EXEMPTION (Ujvagi) To eliminate the sales tax exemption for sales of investment metal bullion and investment coins. Am. 5739.01, 5739.011, & 5739.02 Full Text

HB 276 SCHOOL BULLYING (Stewart, J.) With respect to school policies prohibiting harassment, intimidation, or bullying. Am. 3301.0714 & 3302.03 and En. 117.53, 3301.41, 3313.666, & 3313.667 Full Text

HB 277 WATER/SEWER DISTRICT POLICE (Trakas) To authorize regional water and sewer districts to establish police departments. Am. 109.71, 109.73, & 109.77 and En. 6119.60, 6119.61, 6119.62, 6119.63, & 6119.64 Full Text



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