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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

New Bill Introductions

SB 147 LAND CONVEYANCE (Austria) To authorize the conveyance of state-owned real estate in Stark County to the City of Massillon, in Warren County to Cincinnati Gas and Electric Company, in Brown County to a purchaser to be determined, in Franklin County to the Columbus Board of Education, and in Clark County to a purchaser to be determined, and to declare an emergency. Full Text

SB 148 ELECTRONIC RECORDINGS (Hottinger) To authorize a county recorder to use electronic or magnetic mediums for recording federal tax and other federal liens and to request the disposal of paper versions of those recorded documents. Am. 317.09 Full Text

SB 149 JUDICIAL TERMS/QUALIFICATIONS (Grendell) To increase the terms of office for judges of the courts of common pleas, courts of appeals, and the Supreme Court, to change the qualifications for all judges, and to require the Supreme Court to establish a qualification program for candidates for judicial office. Am., En. & Rep. 107.08, 1901.06, 1907.13, 2101.02, 2101.021, 2301.01, 2301.02, 2301.03, 2501.02, 2503.01, 2503.02, 2503.03, 2501.021 2503.51, 2501.011, 2501.012, & 2501.013 Full Text

HB 256 JURY SERVICE (Collier) To provide additional grounds to excuse a prospective juror from jury service and to specify the procedures for requesting an excuse based on those grounds. Am. 2313.16 Full Text

HB 257 NURSING HOME VACCINATIONS (Hagan) To require nursing homes and other homes for the elderly to offer residents vaccinations against influenza and pneumonia and to require hospitals to offer certain patients vaccinations against influenza and pneumonia. En. 3721.041 & 3727.19 Full Text

HB 258 POWER OF ATTORNEY (Evans, C.) To require the Registrar of Motor Vehicles or a deputy registrar to inquire about a durable power of attorney for health care or a declaration governing life-sustaining treatment when a person applies for a license and to require that the forms be available free from the Registrar or a deputy registrar. En. 4507.061 Full Text

HB 259 BODILY SUBSTANCES (Wagner) To prohibit a person, with intent to harass, annoy, threaten, or alarm a law enforcement officer, from causing or attempting to cause the law enforcement officer to come into contact with a bodily substance. Am. 2921.38 Full Text

HB 260 CAPITAL PUNISHMENT REVIEW (Smith, S.) To create a Capital Case Commission to study the imposition and administration of capital punishment in Ohio and to make recommendations for improving Ohio's procedures in capital cases and its capital sentencing procedures. Full Text

HB 261 FORMALDEHYDE (Smith, S.) To classify formaldehyde as a harmful intoxicant. Am. 2925.01 Full Text

HB 262 LANDFILL AUDITS (Law) To require the owner or operator of a solid waste disposal facility to make available for auditing by the solid waste management district in which the facility is located, or in which solid waste that is disposed of at the facility is generated, any daily log of operations of the facility that is required by the Director of Environmental Protection. En. 3734.576 Full Text

HB 263 HEALTH CARE (Skindell) To establish and operate the Ohio Health Care Plan to provide universal health care coverage to all Ohio residents. En. 3922.01 to 3922.15, 3922.21 to 3922.28, 3922.31, 3922.32 & 3922.33 Full Text

HB 264 WORKERS' COMPENSATION (Skindell) To grant Workers' Compensation benefits to an employee who suffers an adverse medical condition as a result of receiving a smallpox vaccination as part of homeland security measures. Am. 4123.68 Full Text



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