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Friday, May 13, 2005

New Bill Introductions

HB 251 PHYSICIAN TAX CREDIT (Sayre) To create a nonrefundable tax credit for physicians for services rendered to patients and expenses incurred in rendering those services, for which the physicians were not paid. Am. & En. 5747.08, 5747.98 & 5747.73 Full Text

HB 252 RECORDS FEES (Distel) To allow Ohio public agencies to obtain certified copies of vital records without being assessed a fee. Full Text

HB 253 LICENSE SUSPENSION PENALTIES (Webster) To make the penalties for driving under a license suspension similar to those under the state OVI law; to increase the penalties for driving under suspension and operating a motor vehicle without a valid license when the offender is involved in an accident that causes death or serious physical harm to another and to provide a "no actual knowledge" affirmative defense to a charge under these prohibitions based on an administrative suspension. Am. & En. 2929.01, 2929.13, 2929.14, 2929.15, 2929.16, 2929.17, 2929.19, 2941.1413, 4503.233, 4503.234, 4507.164, 4510.04, 4510.11, 4510.12, 4510.13, 4510.16, 4510.41, 4511.19, 5120.033, 3335.361& 4510.111 Full Text

HB 254 INSTRUCTIONAL HOURS (Collier) To require that school districts and chartered nonpublic schools be open for 1,060 hours of instruction a year for grades one through six and 1,200 hours for grades seven through twelve. Am, En. & Rep. 2151.011, 3313.48, 3313.533, 3313.62, 3317.01, 3317.029, 3313.481&3313.482. Full Text

HR 56 JUSTICE GRANTS (Distel) Urges the Congress of the United States to support full funding of the Edward J. Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant Program. Full Text



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