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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

New Bill Introductions - 5/10/2005

SB 144 REAL ESTATE APPRAISERS (Schuler) To modify the Ohio Real Estate Appraiser Law with respect to the temporary registration of appraisers licensed or certified in another state. Am. 4763.05 Full Text

SB 145 LORAIN COUNTY PROBATE COURT (Armbruster) To give the judges of the Lorain County Court of Common Pleas jurisdiction over probate matters and to designate the successors to the Lorain County probate judge as judges of the Domestic Relations Division of the Lorain County Court of Common Pleas. Am. 2101.01, 2301.02 & 2301.03 Full Text

SB 146 SEX OFFENDERS (Austria) To prohibit a registered sex offender from living within 1,000 feet of a school bus stop, to allow a school to move a school bus stop if a sex offender is living within 1,000 feet of the stop, and to specifiy that residence within 1,000 feet of a school or school bus stop is a felony of the fifth degree. Am. 2950.031, 2950.99 & 5321.051 and En. 3327.17 Full Text

HB 247 RENEWABLE ELECTRIC ENERGY (Skindell) To establish an annual renewable energy requirement for electric utilities and electric services companies that provide retail electric generation service in Ohio and to authorize the Public Utilities Commission to establish a system of renewable energy credits. En. 4905.88 Full Text

HB 248 SPECIAL LICENSE PLATE (Carano) To establish a domestic violence awareness license plate and to provide that money from the contributions for the license plates be used to pay for programs that provide services to victims of domestic violence. Am. 4501.21 & En. 4503.492 Full Text

HB 249 CRIMINAL RECORDS DISPOSITION (Key) To require the sealing of the official records of a person who is found not guilty of an offense, who is the defendant named in a dismissed complaint, indictment, or information, or against whom a no bill is entered by a grand jury and to eliminate the use of sealed records by prosecutors to determine the eligibility of offenders for specified pre-trail diversion programs. Am. 2953.51, 2953.52, 2953.53, 2953.54 & 2953.61 Full Text

HB 250 SCHOOL TAXING AUTHORITY (Trakas) To authorize two or more school boards to create a taxing district for the joint funding of behavioral health, autism, and related services to students. Am. 5705.01 & 5705.25 and En. 3313.82 & 5705.211 Full Text

HB 251 ENERGY EFFICIENCY REQUIREMENTS (Uecker) To require the efficient use of energy in all state facilities based on standards developed by the Ohio School Facilities Commission, to require the Department of Administrative Services to give preference in procuring products and services to those that meet the energy efficiency guidelines set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Energy, and to require each state institution of higher education that receives capital appropriations for a specific project to use energy efficient designs in the project. Am. 123.011, 125.09 & 125.11 and En. 3345.52 Full Text

HR 55 HOUSE RULES (Skindell) To amend House of Representatives Rules 81 and 82 to change the status of a motion to lay on the table. Full Text



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