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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Interesting Take on Ohio Abortion Bill

Here is the bill info:

HB 228 ABORTION To prohibit abortions in this state, to increase the penalties for the offenses of unlawful abortion, unlawful distribution of an abortion-inducing drug, and abortion trafficking, to enact the offense of facilitating an abortion, and to make conforming changes in related provisions. Am. & Rep. 124.85, 149.43, 2151.421, 2305.11, 2307.46, 2307.52, 2307.53, 2317.56, 2505.02, 2901.01, 2903.09, 2919.12, 2919.123, 2919.13, 2919.14, 2919.24, 2950.03, 3701.341, 4112.01, 4731.22, 4731.91, 5101.55, 2151.85, 2505.073, 2919.121, 2919.122, 2919.151, 2919.16, 2919.17, & 2919.18 Full Text

The Statehouse News Bureau has an audio interview with various interested constituencies (Real Media format). The sponsors of the bill know that it is currently unconstitutional but are hoping for a 3-4 year appeal process before it would go to a revamped United States Supreme Court more amenable to overturning Rode v. Wade. Pro-choice activists are outraged. A real contentious part of the bill would make it a felony to transport a person over state lines for the purpose of getting an abortion. The sponsor of the bill compares the latter to a state's interest in preventing citizens from going to, say Kentucky, and buying cigarettes for the purpose of bringing them back to Ohio. The Right To Life Society has not signed on to the plan, but feels that legislation stating that Ohio discourages abortion and blocks cities from paying for abortions for government workers would be more appropriate.



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