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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Chief Justice Moyer Backs Bill Calling for Longer Judicial Terms

According to a story in the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the Chief Justice and the head of the Ohio State Bar Association are backing a bill (SB 149) that would specify longer terms for judges and change how they are selected.

The rather lengthy bill (36 printed pages) states that it will amend the Ohio Revised Code to

"increase the terms of office for judges of the courts of common pleas, courts of appeals, and the Supreme Court, to change the qualifications for all judges, and to require the Supreme Court to establish a qualification program for candidates for judicial office."

A quick look at the bill finds that judgeship terms will be increasing from 6 to 8 years at some point if the bill is passed. According to the article referenced above, Chief Justice Moyer stated that longer terms would attract more of the best lawyers to run for judge and that many lawyers don't seek the office because the current six-year terms don't offer enough job security to leave a higher-paying private practice.



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