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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

State Spending Limits - Some Thoughts

Saw an article today in the Gongwer Ohio Report that chronicled the battle being waged between forces wanting to institute a state spending limit constitutional amendment (led by current Secretary of State and 2006 gubernatorial candidate Ken Blackwell's "Citizens for Tax Reform" group) and that, obviously, don't want the amendment to pass or even be put on the ballot.

Blackwell took the most recent Ohio budget bill (HB 66) to task and called it "proof positive" that a constitutional amendment was necessary. Opponents of the amendment called in a self-described Republican "budget hawk" from Colorado to spread tales of woe concerning the Rocky Mountain State's experience with a taxpayer bill of rights (TABOR). He called it "bad public policy" for Ohio.

Blackwell called all of the groups apposing the tax expenditure limit (TEL) a "van of budget busters" and boldly predicted that the measure would be passed by voters by a 4-1 margin in November.

Obviously, the 2006 governor's race has something to do with this fight, as I can see Attorney General Petro possibly lining up against Blackwell on this issue.

I'll keep an eye on this issue as it develops and report back from time to time on it.



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