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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

New Bill Introductions

SB 121 BRIDGE NAMING (Hottinger) Designates a bridge on State Route 13 in Licking County as the "K.I.A. Memorial Bridge" and to declare an emergency. En. 5533.321 Full Text

HB 190 PARK FEES (Cassell) To prohibit the Division of Parks and Recreation in the Department of Natural Resources from adopting rules establishing a fee for parking a motor vehicle in a state park or for admission to a state park and to declare an emergency. Am. 1541.03 Full Text

HB 191 SEX OFFENDER REGISTRATION (DeGeeter) To make a violation of the prohibition under the Sex Offender Registration and Notification Law against certain offenders residing within 1,000 feet of any school premises a felony of the fifth degree. Am. 2950.99 Full Text

HB 192 SINGLE LICENSE PLATE (DeGeeter) To require that motor vehicles carry only one license plate, to be displayed on the rear of the vehicle. Am. 4503.181, 4503.19, 4503.21, 4503.23 & 4549.23 Full Text

HB 193 GROUP LIFE INSURANCE (Daniels) To permit the sale of group life insurance to specified groups and provide the Superintendent of Insurance with the discretion to authorize the sale of group life insurance to additional groups. Am. & En. 9.9, 3917.01, 3917.02, 3917.03, 3917.06 & 3917.07 Full Text

HB 194 PRIMARY ELECTION DATE (Kearns) To require primary elections, including those held in presidential election years, to be held on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in May. Am. 511.27, 1545.21, 1901.07, 3501.01, 3501.02, 3501.17, 3503.16, 3505.01, 3505.32, 3509.01, 3509.03, 3509.05, 3511.02, 3511.04, 3511.11, 3513.05, 3513.12, 3513.121, 3513.151, 3513.262, 3513.30 & 5705.23 Full Text

HB 195 PURPLE HEART TRAIL (Kearns) To designate Interstate Routes 70 and 71 as the "Purple Heart Trail." Am. 5533.09 Full Text

HB 196 NURSE HOSPITAL ADMISSIONS (Kearns) To allow advanced practice nurses to make hospital admissions. Am. 3727.06 Full Text



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