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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

New Bill Introductions

HB 163 SUBSTANCE ABUSE TESTS (Widener) To authorize a court sentencing a drug abuse offender or imposing disposition on a delinquent child for such an offense to require the offender or child to reimburse involved law enforcement agencies for the costs of tests that determined that a substance involved in the offense contained a controlled substance. En. 2152.202 & 2925.511 Full Text

HB 164 GRANDPARENT CUSTODY (Boccieri) To require the Ohio Housing Finance Agency to develop and implement a program to provide housing for low-income grandparents who are guardians of a grandchild, have legal custody of a grandchild, or adopt a grandchild after a parent's rights are terminated. Am. 175.22 Full Text

HB 165 COMMUNITY PROJECTS (Boccieri) To require that each district of the state receive its proportional share of community improvement projects. Am. 126.03 Full Text

HB 166 TRAILER WEIGHTS (Boccieri) To apply the motor vehicle certificate of title law to trailers and semitrailers that weigh 4,000 pounds or less. Am. & En. 4505.01 & 4505.063 Full Text

HB 167 DYSLEXIA TESTING (Boccieri) To require public and chartered nonpublic schools to test students for dyslexia and related disorders and to provide intervention services to students identified as having dyslexia or a related disorder. Am. & En. 3314.03 & 3313.6013 Full Text

HB 168 PUBLIC OFFICIAL VOTING (Boccieri) To permit members of public bodies who are called to active duty, under specified circumstances, to vote from their active duty locations within twenty-four hours after a vote of the public body, to alter who may apply to extend payment of certain taxes on behalf of armed forces personnel and who shall receive notice of such extensions, and to declare an emergency. Am. & En. 121.22, 323.122 & 101.17 Full Text

HB 169 CIVIL SERVICE EXAMS (Carmichael) To grant firefighters additional credit on civil service examinations based on their training and to revise the law governing volunteer firefighter license plates and the law governing emergency medical services. Am. & En. 124.23, 124.26, 124.27, 4503.47, 4765.11, 4765.16, 4765.24, 4765.28, 4765.30, 4765.31, 4765.43, 4765.50, 4766.03 4765.14, 4765.141, 4765.281, 4765.311, & 4765.431 Full Text

HB 170 TAX EXEMPTIONS (Hughes) To exempt from taxation real property held or occupied by fraternal organizations that qualify for tax exemption under the Internal Revenue Code. Am. 5709.17 Full Text

HB 171 CLOTHING TAX EXEMPTION (Chandler) To provide two four-day periods each year during which sales of clothing and footwear are exempt from the sales and use tax. Am. 5739.02 & 5739.05 Full Text

HB 172 NURSING TAX EXEMPTION (Boccieri) To exempt from the personal income tax the salaries of registered and practical nurses in the first five years of employment and to create a refundable tax credit for nurses who teach nursing at post-secondary educational institutions. Am. & En. 5747.01, 5747.08, 5747.98 & 5747.72 Full Text

HB 173 PHYSICAL FITNESS COUNCIL (White) To establish the School Physical Fitness and Wellness Advisory Council. Full Text



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