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Monday, April 04, 2005

New Bill Introductions

SB 116 MENTAL HEALTH PARITY (Spada) To prohibit, subject to certain exceptions, discrimination in group health care policies, contracts and agreements in the coverage provided for the diagnosis, care and treatment of biologically based mental illnesses. Am. & En. 1739.05, 1751.01, 1751.02, 3923.28, 3923.30, 3923.51, 3923.281 & 3923.282. Full Text

SB 117 CRIMINAL FINDINGS (Dann) To provide that a final judgment, entered after a trial or upon a plea of guilty in certain criminal actions generally precludes the offender from denying any fact essential to sustain that judgment when entered in evidence in a civil proceeding that is based on the criminal act. Am. 2307.60 Full Text

SB 118 BENEFIT ASSIGNMENT AGREEMENTS (Mumper) To require insurers and other third-party payers to accept and honor assignment-of-benefit agreements entered into between plan beneficiaries and treating health care providers. Am. 3901.386 Full Text

HB 158 HORSE TRACK WAGERING (Seitz) To authorize wagering at a track on horse races that are simulcast via an instant racing system and to levy a tax on amounts wagered in this manner. Am. 3769.03, 3769.08, 3769.083, 3769.085, & 3769.088 and En. 3769.0811, 3769.0812, & 3769.0813 Full Text

HB 159 AFRICAN AMERICAN DEATH STUDY (Mason) To create the task force to study cancer death rates among African Americans in Ohio. Full Text

HB 160 FELONY HIRE TAX CREDIT (Mason) To create a tax credit for wages paid by employers to employees who have been convicted of felonies. Am. 5733.98 & 5747.98 and En. 5733.421 & 5747.391 Full Text

HB 161 DOMESTIC VIOLENCE LAW (Healy) To modify the definition of "family or household member" for purposes of the criminal and civil domestic violence laws. Am. 2919.25, 3113.31, & 3113.33 Full Text

HB 162 COMMUNITY CORRECTIONAL FACILITIES (Peterson) To revise the law governing community-based correctional facilities. Am. 2152.20, 2301.51, 2301.52, 2301.55, 2301.56, 2301.57, 2929.01, 2929.34, 5120.031, 5120.111, 5120.112, & 5149.34, En. 2301.58, and Rep. 2301.53, 2301.54, and 2301.58 Full Text



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