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Thursday, April 07, 2005

2 SCO Decisions Released 4/6/2005

Wednesday, April 6, 2005

2004-1524. State ex rel. Adams v. Krichbaum, 2005-Ohio-1203.
Mahoning App. No. 04-MA-108, 2004-Ohio-4286. Judgment affirmed.
Moyer, C.J., Resnick, Pfeifer, Lundberg Stratton, O'Connor, O'Donnell and Lanzinger, JJ., concur.
Opinion: http://www.sconet.state.oh.us/rod/newpdf/0/2005/2005-Ohio-1203.pdf

2004-1763. Cleveland Bar Assn. v. Lehotsky, 2005-Ohio-1204.
On Certified Report by the Board of Commissioners on Grievances and Discipline, No. 03-055. Marc A. Lehotsky, Attorney Registration No. 0068814, is suspended from the practice of law in Ohio for one year.
Resnick, Pfeifer, Lundberg Stratton and O'Donnell JJ., concur.
Moyer, C.J., O'Connor and Lanzinger, JJ., dissent.
Opinion: http://www.sconet.state.oh.us/rod/newpdf/0/2005/2005-Ohio-1204.pdf
Summary: Lakewood Attorney’s License Suspended



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