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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

New Bill Introductions

SB 111 LANDFILL MORATORIUM To establish a two-year moratorium on the issuance of licenses for new construction and demolition debris facilities Full Text

HB 141 PERSONAL INFORMATION To give parole officers, probation officers, and field officers the same options as peace officers with respect to confidentiality of certain personal information. Full Text

HB 142 DEBT COLLECTION To authorize the Tax Commissioner to collect from state income tax refunds certain debts owed to courts, counties, municipal corporations, and townships.
Full Text

HB 143 DENTAL HYGIENIST ANESTHESIA To allow a dental hygienist under the supervision of a dentist to administer local anesthesia to a patient. Full Text

HB 144 PRIVILEGE WAIVERS To waive the physician-patient and attorney-client privileges in probate cases under certain circumstances. Full Text

HB 145 FIRE DEPARTMENT AUTHORITY To give townships authority to confer certain investigative and arrest powers upon officers in their fire departments. Full Text

HB 146 MOTORCYCLE SEIZURES To modify the guidelines governing seizure of a motorcycle by a law enforcement officer when the identity of the motorcycle cannot be determined and to establish limited civil liability with certain exceptions if the law enforcement officer or agency fails to comply with specified guidelines. Full Text

HB 147 PARK FEES To prohibit the Division of Parks and Recreation in the Department of Natural Resources from adopting rules establishing a fee for parking a motor vehicle in a state park or for admission to a state park, to allow the Director of Natural Resources to transfer up to four million dollars from the Waterways Safety Fund to the State Park Fund, and to declare an emergency Full Text

HB 148 HOME CONTRACTORS To adopt the Home Improvement Contractor Law, establish the Home Improvement Contractor Registration Board in the Department of Commerce, establish civil and criminal penalties for violation of the law, and grant the attorney general enforcement powers. Full Text



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