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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

New Bill Introductions

SB 106 STATE PARK PARKING FEES To prohibit the Division of Parks and Recreation in the Department of Natural Resources from charging a fee to park a motor vehicle in a park that the state does not own but that the Division manages and to declare an emergency.

HB 128 EDUCATION CHOICE To establish the Educational Choice Scholarship program for students in academic watch and academic emergency school districts.

HB 129 ELECTION LAW To revise the Election Law. Full Text

HB 130 RADIOACTIVE WASTE To create the High-level Radioactive Waste Transportation Study Commission to review and evaluate issues relating to the transportation of high-level radioactive waste in this state.

HB 131 RADIOACTIVE MATERIAL To require a person shipping certain radioactive material within or through this state to provide the Emergency Management Agency with notice of the shipment and pay the Department of Public Safety a fee for each shipment, and to establish the Radiation Response Fund. Full Text

HB 132 PERFORMANCE BUDGETING To require performance budgeting by most state agencies and to require performance audits of those agencies. Full Text

HB 133 EDUCATION COLLECTIVE BARGAINING To eliminate an exemption from the Public Employees' Collective Bargaining Law for specified educational employees. Full Text

HB 134 VEHICLE INSURANCE To require proof of financial responsibility to be submitted as a condition of registering a motor vehicle and of being issued or renewing a driver's license
Full Text

HB 135 SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS To prohibit the inclusion of an individual's Social Security number on copies of documents submitted for recording in the office of the county recorder, and to create an affirmative defense to associated civil liability of a good faith effort to comply with the noninclusion requirement. Full Text

HB 136 CHILD SUPPORT Relative to paternity actions and interest on child support arrearages. Full Text

HB 137 JUVENILE RECORDS To revise the procedure by which a juvenile court may seal records of alleged and adjudicated delinquent and unruly children and adjudicated juvenile traffic offenders.



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