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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Latest Bill Introductions from the Ohio General Assembly

SB 112 BUSINESS INSTRUCTION To require one unit of business instruction in high school as a graduation requirement. Am. 3313.60 & 3313.603 Full Text

SB 113 DIABETES COVERAGE To require certain health care policies, contracts, agreements and plans to provide benefits for equipment, supplies, and medication for the diagnosis, treatment and management of diabetes and for diabetes self-management education. Am. & En. 1751.01, 1751.69, 3923.72 & 3923.72 Full Text

SB 114 PURPLE HEART TRAIL To designate Interstate Routes 70 and 71 as the "Purple Heart Trail." Am. 5533.09 Full Text

SB 115 ELECTION PETITIONS To cure omissions in and otherwise clarify the law regarding circulation of election petitions. Am. & En. 3501.38, 3503.06, 3503.14, 3513.07, 3513.261, 3501.381 & 3599.111 Full Text

HB 149 HISTORIC BUILDINGS To authorize a nonrefundable tax credit for rehabilitating a historic building. Am. & En. 5733.98, 5747.08, 5747.98, 149.307, 5703.75, 5733.47 & 5747.76 Full Text

HB 150 JUNK YARDS To increase the penalty for violating the law governing junk yards and secondhand dealers. Am. 4737.99 Full Text

HB 151 PERSONAL INFORMATION To require a person to provide certain personal information to a law enforcement officer when the law enforcement officer reasonably suspects the person is committing, has committed, or is about to commit a criminal offense. En. 2921.29 Full Text

HB 152 ER MEDICAID PAYMENTS Regarding Hospital Care Assurance Program (HCAP) services and Medicaid reimbursement for services rendered in a hospital emergency department or room. Am. 5111.02 & 5112.17 Full Text

HB 153 VEHICLE SALES TAXES To narrow the existing sales tax exemption for motor vehicle purchases by nonresidents so that it applies only to residents of a state extending a similar exemption to Ohio residents. Am. 5739.02 Full Text

HB 154 LANDFILL SITING To establish a two-year moratorium on the issuance of licenses for new construction and demolition debris facilities and to require a study concerning the impacts of construction and demolition debris facilities. Full Text

HB 155 SCHOOL DISTRICT CONSOLIDATION To establish a legislative committee to study the feasibility and economic impact of school district consolidation. Full Text

HB 156 ORGAN DONATION TAX CREDIT To create an income tax deduction for expenses incurred by a taxpayer in making an organ donation and to create an income tax credit for deceased organ donors. Am. 5747.01, 5848.08 & 5747.98 and En. 5747.81 Full Text

HB 157 PYMATUNING LAKE COMPACT To revise the Pymatuning Lake Compact. Am. 1541.31 Full Text



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