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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

AG Misses Deadline; One-Sided Argument at Court

The Ohio Attorney General's office along with Vinton County Prosecutor Timothy Gleeson jointly missed a filing deadline last year, which prohibited them from making oral or written arguments at the Supreme Court of Ohio yesterday in the matter of convicted killer Gregory B. McKnight.

The Ohio public defender’s office was there, however, and urged justices to overturn McKnight’s 2002 death sentence because the trial jury wasn’t told that one of his victims, Emily Sarah Murray, opposed capital punishment.

Prosecutor Gleeson said after the hearing that McKnight’s conviction is rock-solid and that the prosecution’s absence won’t make a difference. He said the court has the trial record to review. However, the empty prosecutor’s table irked Justice Paul E. Pfeifer, who said the state was "unfortunately, regrettably, inexcusably" absent.

Although the AG and Gleeson were not permitted to be there yesterday, they will be able to take part in subsequent federal appeals, if any.

The above was pieced together from a story in today's Columbus Dispatch (must be a subscriber to access).



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